“Since human beings began their journey towards consciousness, we have sought a relationship with the invisible. Some call it God, some call it enlightenment, some call it hocus-pocus. How we name the invisible is unimportant. It is important that we sense it, that we seek it out in art, and that art continues to find it for us.” Winterson J

Seeking connection with deeper and higher purpose while taking part in the act of creating is important to me as a maker and as a human. The invisible world, sacred knowledge and ancient symbols inspire me in my work with different materials and mediums, while trying to find the possibilities of how spirit and matter effect each other when they meet in the making process.

Born in Israel, I am currently living and working in South England country side. With 15 years of jewellery making behind me, I am currently exploring clay work and ceramics creating sculptures and objects, and 2D ink wet on wet drawings.



B.A multi disciplinary studies- Art & Gender studies. Tel Hai college, Israel. 2009-2011

M.A Craft. University of Brighton, England. 2018-2019

Student of all the great teachers in the everyday school of life.